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Summer flies and August dies...

The advent of Autumn. When the northeasterly winds start to howl, our hallowed eves of sunshine fade away. Tides of senescence float in air and the leaves finally thank their Maker and fall downward. We are lucky, once again, to be reminded of both life and death this time of year.

Is there a better way of reflecting and appreciating the power of this cosmic duality then live music?

Mind Left Body would like to thank everyone for making the past spring and summer 2022 a memorable one. From our debut show May 19 at Dead Night at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield to our most recent show at Hyland Orchard in Sturbridge, we have had a great year so far testing out new songs, dialing in the grooves, and searching for the sound. Despite the cliche, we honestly couldn't have done it without all of you. The band extends a sincere Thank You.

We have a handful of shows coming up that we are excited about and want to share. (We also have a new surprise in store as we look to close out 2022 strong). Come to an upcoming show to find out! As always check out our website for up to date performance schedules.

Saturday November 5, 2022 - Gateway City Arts - Divine Theater - Holyoke, MA

We need your help!

Feel like a stranger? Don't! Please follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram. Add your email to our subscribe list on our homepage. Show me something built to last? Send us your photos of friends at the show, artsy shots of the venue, or anything you groovy at one of our shows and we will tag you and post to our socials. Might not be built to last, but it might be something built to try.

Photo Cred: @shawntoohey. 2022.08.27. CitySpace Fundraiser.

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