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- Resurrecting the Spirit of Sunshine Daydream -
50th Anniversary Performance and Fundraising Event

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Poster Design by Max Germer

Mind Left Body announces a unique historical performance recreation and fundraiser for CitySpace’s restoration of Easthampton Old Town Hall 


Who: Mind Left Body

What: Performance of Sunshine Daydream and fundraiser

When: Saturday, August 27, 2022; Doors 630pm; Show 730pm

Where: At CitySpace in the Blue Room at Old Town Hall, 43 Main Street, Easthampton, MA

Tickets: : $10,  tickets available online at


[Easthampton, MA, July 20, 2022] - Local musicians performing as Mind Left Body will recreate a historical performance by the Grateful Dead in CitySpace’s Blue Room at Old Town Hall in Easthampton on August 27, 2022, exactly 50 years after the original performance. 


Mind Left Body invites the community to join together in support of CitySpace’s restoration of Old Town Hall and to experience music from what is considered one of the Grateful Dead’s best live performances. Having returned to the United States after the famous Europe ‘72 tour, the Dead were invited by author and Merry Prankster Ken Kesey to help raise money for his brother’s financially struggling Oregon creamery. 


Gordon Clark, guitarist with Mind Left Body, notes that “the band was unanimous in our decision during early planning stages for this event; providing an opportunity to spread joy, love, and that healing-type of introspective space that this music can offer people, coupled with the fundraising spirit of this landmark semicentennial celebration was something that we didn’t want to let pass by. Plus the investment in CitySpace’s restoration of Old Town Hall that will help support art in the greater community for the next generations couldn’t be a better pairing.”


On August 27, 1972, twenty thousand Deadheads descended on the small town of Veneta, Oregon on one of the hottest days on record for three sets of music. Mind Left Body will perform the famous “Sunshine Daydream” show and, in the spirit of the original event, provide proceeds from the event to CitySpace to help restore the second-floor in Old Town Hall into an accessible performing arts and community space. Entry to the show will be $10 dollars. Additional donations are encouraged for those who are able. 

About CitySpace:

CitySpace is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that serves to restore, preserve, and manage Easthampton Old Town Hall as a vital center for the arts in Easthampton and Western Massachusetts. Old Town Hall, built in 1869, is a historic building centrally located in downtown Easthampton in the Main Street Historic District. 


Mind Left Body was rehearsing on Easy Street in the Spring of 2022 for some Europe ‘72 era material when, rather spontaneously, it hit us that this year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the band’s favorite years of the Grateful Dead. Naturally (although it remains unclear who originally mentioned it), the famed "Sunshine Daydream" performance floated into our collective minds and stood proud, like the celebrated and prominent naked pole man, beckoning us to do something groovy. Quickly, we realized that this semicentennial landmark performance (so how old would the naked-pole-man be?) and inspired collective vision drew forth a desire to pay homage to this legendary show of all rockn'roll proportions. Tapping into the spirit of the Sunshine Daydream performance became an immediate outlet for our ambitions.


Get ready. Mind Left Body is sitting down to the dinner table. Napkin on lap and silverware in both hands. We are ready to sink our teeth into the delicious ambrosia and nectar of one of the most epic, psychedelic, American rock’n’roll meals ever served up. And we’d love for you to be a part of it. 


But first, a brief history...

On August 27th, 2022, it will have been 50 years since the Grateful Dead performed at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds in Veneta, Oregon as a fundraising event to keep the Springfield Creamery, owned by Sue and Chuck Kesey (brother of author and Merry Prankster Ken Kesey), from closing it’s doors. The creamery was having difficult financial times. The Dead had just returned back to the United States from the famous Europe '72 tour and were back in California. Having been intricatly connected to the historical Acid Tests in the 60s as the house band, Ken had a close relationship with the band. He reached out to see if the Dead would be interested in performing, and they said yes. “Nancy’s Honey Yogurt with Acidophilus Presents the Grateful Dead, August 27th at the Springfield Creamery in Springfield, Oregon” was printed on Nancy’s Yogurt labels and served as tickets to the events costing about $3 each in 1972.  20,000 “Deadheads” descended on the small town for the show. The event raised $12,000 and helped breathe new life into the Springfield Creamery. Not only was the event a financial success, but musically the show was subsequently elevated to legendary status as one of the best of the Grateful Dead’s 2,300 live shows and has achieved it’s own sort-of mythological reputation surrounding it. In 2013, the Grateful Dead released a digitally remastered documentary film (and live album) called “Sunshine Daydream”, which provides a glimpse into this magical day. (It is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already and for those interested in rock and roll history).


Tapping into the fundraising spirit...

Mind Left Body has decided that, in the spirit of the original show, proceeds from the event will help raise funds for a local cause. The performance will support CitySpace’s restoration of Old Town Hall. Built in 1869 and dedicated as a memorial to the fallen Union soldiers of Easthampton, the two-floor brick Old town Hall was used to host community events. CitySpace completed renovations to the first floor of the building in 2015. CitySpace is currently in the midst of its Transformation Campaign, a capital campaign to restore and create accessible performing arts and community space in Old Town Hall’s 2nd floor. 

Where and when!?!


Mind Left Body will perform on August 27, 2022 in the Blue Room located on the first floor of Easthampton's Old Town Hall at 730pm. Doors at 630pm.  We are excited to share our love for the music and to partner with CitySpace to help raise money to restore this old gem.

For more information on the restoration efforts and Transformation Campaign, visit:

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